NO-NICHE® Skimmer by Aladdin Equipment Company

Aladdin Equipment Company

SKU: B-13B

The NO-NICHE® Skimmer is no ordinary skimmer, eliminating the need for a skimmer recess in your pool, which significantly increases the cost. The NO-NICHE® does not require any such recess, but efficiently skims in 360 degrees at a rate of 3100-3300gph. This skimming power allows you to open the main pool drain, filtering water faster than conventional pool skimmers. The NO-NICHE® can be used in new constructions, with existing VAC outlets or in place of an inefficient skimmer. Note that the threads on the bottom of the skimmer are 1.5".   
  • Flotation system automatically adjusts to average water level changes
  • Compact design without obstructing flow
  • Large basket filters more debris without clogging
  • Constructed from HIPS plastic for strength and durability
SKU Description
750B No-Niche Skimmer
B-13B Replacement Basket
B-38B Replacement Floating Sleeve

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