Oase AquaOxy 450 Aeration System


SKU: 50041

Air injection is a great aid for ensuring a healthy pond environment and water quality using aeration and biological filtration. Many of the biological processes in the pond (such as breakdown of harmful waste products) require oxygen. The Oase AquaOxy 450 improves oxygen levels using two adjustable air flow outlets and two weighted air stones, ensuring high volumes of oxygen in the pond. Ideal for outdoor use as no additional weatherproofing is necessary.
  • Weatherproof pump is ideal for outdoor use, and energy-efficient 12V motor runs quietly
  • Regulating valves allows for easy adjustment of oxygen flow rate through silicon hoses
  • Great for use with flow-through filters to provide oxygen and help beneficial bacteria grow
  • Weighted air stones stay in place and ensure uniform oxygen dissipation
  • Includes air stones, connection tubing, outdoor transformer and replacement membranes
  • 2 year warranty
Product SKU 50041
UPC Code 706759500418
Description AquaOxy 450 Aeration System
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