Oase AquaSkim 40 In-Pond Skimmer


SKU: 57395

Surface skimmers remove leaves and debris from the water surface, preventing debris from sinking to the bottom of the pond and affecting water quality. The Oase AquaSkim in-pond skimmer includes a telescoping riser that automatically adjusts to a drop in water level (up to 6" change), making it the ideal choice for a climate that experiences water gain and loss throughout the year.

NOTE:  The manufacturer has made recent changes to this item.   The Aquaskim 40 no longer contains a rigid inner basket.  It now comes with a mesh net basket as pictured in our second photo.   

  • Easy to install in preexisting ponds as a standalone or supplemental skimmer
  • Removable debris basket makes it easy to maintain the AquaSkim
  • No need to cut liner or modify shore line with this floating design
  • Wide base can be filled with stones for stabilization
  • Adjustable height between 8-15" (single riser) or 15-22" (two risers)
  • Maximum flow rate of 4200gph
  • 2 year warranty
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57395 706759573955 AquaSkim 40
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