Oase BioStyle Compact Aquarium Filters

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The Oase BioStyle filters are compact, powerful filters that combine mechanical filtration, biological filtration, and water conditioning into one sleek package. Each filter houses multi-stage filter cartridges and a 30ppi biological filter foam pad that traps debris and provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to flourish and thrive.

Innovative multi-stage filter cartridge
The 5-stage filter cartridge combines many different filter functions into one easy-to-change component:
  • Stage 1: 45ppi foam pad combines mechanical and biological filtration
  • Stages 2-4: Carbon, zeolite, and phosphate binder remove odors, impurities, and harmful nutrients
  • Stage 5: Filter fleece for a water polishing effect
Additional features
  • Adjustable lever-foot secures filter to aquarium glass of different thicknesses
  • Telescoping intake tube extends from 6" to 14" for varying aquarium heights
  • Adjustable flow-control changes intensity of water movement and oxygenation
  • Cleaning indicator shows when it is time to change the disposable multi-stage filter cartridges or clean the biological filter foam pad
  • Quiet, energy-efficient filter design
  • 6' power cord, 120V / 60 Hz
  • 3 year warranty
Aquarium Size
BioStyle 20 20 gallons 100gph 4.5W 6" x 5.25" x 8.5"
BioStyle 30 30 gallons 150gph 5.0W 8.5" x 6" x 8.5"
Biostyle 50 50 gallons 250gph 5.5W 11" x 6.75" x 8.5"

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