Replacement Filter Cartridges for Oase BioStyle Aquarium Filters


SKU: 84244

These replacement filter cartridges fit the Oase BioStyle 20, 30, or 50, as well as the Oase BioStyle Thermo 30 or 50. These disposable filter cartridges are easily removed and replaced, making filter maintenance easy and mess-free! Filter cartridges should be replaced every 4-6 weeks (depending on aquarium size, number of fish and plants).

Innovative 5-Stage Cartridge
These filter cartridges combine many different filter functions into one:
  • Stage 1: 45ppi foam pad combines mechanical and biological filtration
  • Stages 2-4: Carbon, zeolite, and phosphate binder remove odors, impurities, and harmful nutrients
  • Stage 5: Filter fleece for a water polishing effect

Installation instructions
When installing, do not open cartridge. Simply rinse with water before use.

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