Oase 1" Frothy, Lava & Vulkan Fountain Nozzles


SKU: 55882

These Oase 1" nozzles fit the Oase PondJet Floating Fountain, Oase Neptun fountain pumps, and a variety of pond fountains with 1" threaded nozzle fittings.

Nozzle Options
The Lava 36-10K nozzle produces a beautiful bell-shaped pattern suitable for more formal settings in low-wind areas. In areas with high wind, the thin water sheet can be disturbed. The Vulkan 37-2.5K nozzle produces a beautiful and elegant 3-tier spray pattern. The Frothy 35-10E nozzle is a foaming nozzle that retains light bettern than other patterns, making it perfect for nighttime illumination. By mixing air and water, the pattern appears thick and high-volume. 

Model Vulkan 37-2.5K Frothy 35-10E
SKU 55882 53224
UPC Code 706759558822 706759532242
Spray Pattern, Neptun 1600 4.25' Wide, 6.6' High 1.5' High
Spray Pattern, Neptun 2600 7.6' Wide, 12.7' High 2.5' High
Spray Pattern, PondJet 7.25' Wide, 12.3' High 4.6' High
Connection 1" Threaded
Warranty 1 Year

Extension Tube
In order to get the optimal display from a fountain nozzle, the height of the nozzle above the water surface is important. This nozzle extension allows adjustment of nozzle height from 11-20" above the pump. Both ends of the extension tube are 1", so they can be used with any 1" threaded nozzle. Protected by a 1 Year Warranty.

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