Oase PondJet Floating Fountain


SKU: 54019

The Oase PondJet Floating Fountain is ideal for ponds that are too deep or have bottoms that are too muddy for conventional water feature pumps and installations. It can be deployed in a number of applications in different conditions. The PondJet is easy to set up: just remove it from the box, assemble a few parts, run power to the pump and place the fountain in the pond! 
  • Easy to install -- no need to cut liner!
  • Can create a variety of stunning water displays up to 21' high
  • Includes pump, float and nozzle (optional Illumination Set available)
  • Nozzle can be interchanged with any 1" nozzle for incredible versatility
  • CSA Listed
Model Number 54019
UPC Code 706759540193
Display (Included Nozzle) 10' Diameter x 10' Height
Maximum Flow Rate 2400gph
Maximum Head 21'
Power Consumption 260 Watts
Dimensions 26" Diameter x 21" Height
Net Weight 33.5 lb
Power Cord Length 75'
Warranty 2 Years (plus 1 year upon product registration)

PDF IconOperating Instructions 

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