Oase PondJet Floating Fountain Replacement Parts


SKU: 10381

The Oase PondJet Floating Fountain is ideal for ponds that are too deep or are too muddy on the bottom to use traditional fountains. The following replacement parts are available for the Oase PondJet Floating Fountain.

SKU UPC Code Description
10381 706759103817 PondJet Pump with 75' Cord
13290 706759132909 PondJet Nozzle Plug O-Ring
13302 706759133029 PondJet Intake Screen
17939 706759179393 PondJet Float
19544 706759195447 PondJet Nozzle Plug
19545 706759195454 PondJet Nozzle Washer
34619 706759346191 Complete PondJet Nozzle

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