Oase Pondovac 3 Pond Vacuum


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The Oase PondoVac 3 is the best-selling, patended pond vacuum that just won't quit! Gone are the days of emptying the entire pond to clean it! The amount of water wasted in the drain-and-fill methodology of pond maintenance is unfortunately extremely high, but with the PondoVac 3 there can be little waste water at all. With its sturdy wheels and adjustable handle, the Pondovac 3 is easy to transport.

Continuous Suction
The PondoVac 3 boasts a dual chamber suction system which provides the user with non-stop continuous suction — one chamber empties while the other fills! It is self-emptying, too.

Extremely Powerful Motor
The PondoVac utilizes an 1600 Watt motor, with a maximum suction depth of 7 feet. Cleaning a deep pond has never been easier. Quick-release clamps make it easy to remove motor unit for access to vacuum for maintenance.

Multiple Attachments for Multiple Jobs
The PondoVac 3 comes standard with a multitude of nozzle attachements — there are no problems that the PondoVac 3 can't handle! It comes complete with a special string algae nozzle, a wide nozzle with a rubber lip, a crevice nozzle for tight spaces, and an adjustable floor nozzle (Adjustable from 2-10mm). Hand regulator helps adjust the suction power in shallow water. A special mesh bag is included to allow you to remove large debris and return the water to the pond if desired. We recommend fertilizing nearby gardens or flowerbeds. Some minor assembly is required.

Product SKU 37230
UPC Code 706759372305
Description Oase Pondovac 3
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