Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact Biological Filters - Gravity Fed


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Oase Profi Clear Premium Compact gravity-fed filters are innovative biological filters that combine technological features for highly effective biomass filtration and low maintenance.

Water flows through the integrated sieve screens, which filter out debris as small as 60 microns. The drum is fully self-cleaning with a built-in 87psi high-pressure cleaning pump. Dirt and debris is regularly removed through the 4" waste discharge outlet. The filtered water then meets Hel-X 13 bio-media, which houses microorganisms that can decompose nutrients and organic matter suspended in the water. 

  • Insulated lid ensures quiet operation, even during cleaning cycles
  • Automated Micro Control System runs cleaning cycle when needed 
  • Digital temperature display provides accurate water temperature in the pond
  • Integrated air stones for use with external air pump (not included)
  • Multiple inlets allow for multiple intake locations throughout the pond
  • Dual outlets align with Individual Modules and Moving Bed Modules
  • 2 year warranty (plus 1 year with online registration)

These filters are part of the new Easy Garden Control (EGC) family of products, which can be easily controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world using the EGC Controller and the tablet or smartphone app. The EGC system makes in-depth analysis possible on cleaning cycles and temperature curves and can be set to send you notifications by email when problems occur.

NOTE: These filters are gravity-fed, meaning that it must be installed below pond level. This means a pump must be used to move water back into the pond.

SKU 73379
Description ProfiClear Premium Compact-L, Gravity Fed
Wattage 5 / 1150 (cleaning)
Inlet (3) DN 110 — requires 4" Rubber Coupling (not Included)
Outlet DN 110 — requires 4" Rubber Coupling (not Included)
Waste Discharge 4"
Flowrate 2640gph - 6600gph
Coarse Debris
60 microns
Cleaning Pump 87 psi
Included Media Hel-X Bio-Media, 60 Liters
Dimensions 53"L x 35"W x 32"H
Cord Length 16' + 16'
Warranty 2 Years (3 Years if Registered)

Clear Water Guarantee
UVC Pairing
Bitron C 110
Pump Pairing
AquaMax Eco Premium 4000
AquaMax Eco Expert 6800
AquaMax Eco Expert 5300 12V
Pond Size
31,500 gallons (light fish load)
15,750 gallons (medium fish load)
7,875 gallons (heavy fish load)


ProfiClear Premium Compact L  manualL Manual

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