Oase ProfiClear Premium Individual Module and Moving Bed Module


SKU: 89195

ProfiClear Modules allow easy adaptation of the filter system to meet any design requirement! Modular systems can be expanded with multiple Moving Bed modules to accommodate any size pond, but must always end with an Individual Module that houses a pump to return clean water back to the pond.

ProfiClear Premium Individual Module
The Individual Module provides space for additional filtration, containing two baskets in the flow area can be filled with up to 8 liters of Hel-X filter media (sold separately). The Individual Module can also house the pump in a gravity-fed ProfiClear system. Please note that all gravity-fed systems must be installed at pond level (typically in an underground vault) and can accept dirty pond water either through bottom drains or skimmers. The integrated slide valve on the bottom allows the filter to be easily drained for cleaning or winterization. 

ProfiClear Premium Moving Bed Module
OASE ProfiClear Premium Moving Bed Module attaches to the ProfiClear Premium Compact-L gravity-fed filter in series to provide additional biological filtration. The innovative Hel-X bio-media provides a tremendous protected surface area for colonizing beneficial bacteria with stable capacity to decompose organic material. The included 50 liters of Hel-X can decompose approximately 12oz of waste per day!

  • Sludge drain flushes debris out and winterizes with the simple pull of a handle
  • Pre-installed aerator bar can provide optional oxygen enrichment and mixing to keep biofilm debris-free and thriving (air pump not included)
  • Innovative bypass technology for optimal movement of the Hel-X bio-media
SKU 89195 89196
Description Individual Module
Moving Bed Module
Hel-X Bio Media None Included
Holds up to 8 Liters
50 Liters Included
Holds up to 75 Liters
Inlet (2) 180mm
Outlet (2) DN 110
Requires 4" Rubber Couplings
Requires (2) 2" Adapters
(2) DN 150
Waste Discharge DN 75
Flowrate 2640gph - 8700gph
Dimensions 32"L x 27"W x 32"H
Warranty 2 Years (3 Years if Registered)

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