Motors for PerformancePro Artesian Pumps


SKU: MPS-513

Note: It is necessary to also replace the mechanical seal whenever a new motor or impeller is installed.

These replacement motors fit various Artesian Pumps, including Artesian Classic, Artesian2, and ArtesianPRO Pumps. See below for complete details.

SKU Motor Size/Type Additional Motor Specifications
APM-342 1/8hp 1-Phase TEFC Motor 115/230V, 50/60Hz
1725RPM, 56Y Motor BC
APM-344 1/4hp 1-Phase TEFC Motor
APM-345 1/3hp 1-Phase TEFC Motor
APM-346 1/2hp 1-Phase TEFC Motor
APM-347 3/4hp 1-Phase TEFC Motor
APM-348 1hp 1-Phase TEFC Motor
APM-122 1/2hp 1-Phase ODP Motor 115/230V, 3450RPM, 56Y Motor BC
APM-123 3/4hp 1-Phase ODP Motor 115/208-230V, 3450RPM, 56Y Motor BC
APM-124 1hp 1-Phase ODP Motor
APM-125 1-1/2hp 1-Phase ODP Motor 115/208-30V, 3450RPM, 56Y Motor A
APM-126 2hp 1-Phase ODP Motor 208-230V, 3450RPM, 56Y Motor A
APM-127 3hp 1-Phase ODP Motor
APM-129 5hp 1-Phase ODP Motor
APM-222 1/2hp 3-phase ODP Motor
APM-223 3/4hp 3-phase ODP Motor
APM-224 1hp 3-phase ODP Motor
APM-225 1-1/2hp 3-phase ODP Motor
APM-226 2hp 3-phase ODP Motor
APM-227 3hp 3-phase ODP Motor
APM-229 5hp 3-phase ODP Motor

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