Hiblow Air Pump Aeration Kits with Matala Air Diffusers


SKU: HP-20 - WAH-3/8-30 - MD-5W - HSS08

NOTE:  These kits are small to medium size with short airline tubing suitable for ornamental koi and goldfish pond.  WE GLADLY CUSTOM DESIGN HIBLOW AERATION PACKAGES FOR NATURAL PONDS OF ANY SIZE ... Call Nate or Dana at 484-237-2080 to request a package designed specifically for YOUR POND! 

These kits to team air pumps with compatible diffusers.  Please note that kits may ship in multiple packages from multiple warehouses.

These Aeration Kits include Hiblow® high quality air pumps with Matala diffusers, manifolds and weighted airline tubing to breathe life into ponds up to 10' deep.

Proper aeration circulates water, increases oxygen levels and facilitates gas exchange. Water circulation eliminates dead spots and assists movement of debris into the skimmer. Increased oxygen promotes plant and animal health, beneficial bacteria growth, and biological filtration. Gas exchange eliminates toxins and reduces chance of fish death during winter by keeping a hole in the ice. If your fountain or waterfall is not oxygenating enough, or if you plan to keep fish throughout winter, this is a necessary addition. Compressors should be covered during winter months.

These bundles are not boxed kits from any manufacturer, but were personally designed by Practical Garden Ponds for quality and value. Components may ship separately. They include:

  • Hiblow® industrial grade air pumps renowned in the septic industry for durability and quality
  • Matala diffusers that are fish-friendly, produce medium bubbles and reduce back-pressure
  • Weighted air hose that will not kink or crush
  • Necessary connectors, such as hose clamps and manifolds
Pond Size,
Pond Depth
Diffuser(s) Airline Manifold
HP-20 3,000 - 9,000 17W 5' MD-5W
3/8" x 30'
HP-40 5000 - 16,000 38W 7' MD-7W 3/8" x 30'
HP-40 5,000 - 16,000 38W 7' (2) MD-5W
3/8" x 50' SC2-38
HP-60 8,000 - 20,000 51W 8' (2) MD-7W 3/8" x 50' SC2-38
HP-60 8,000 - 20,000 51W 8' MDB11 3/8" x 50'
HP-80 10,000 - 24,000 71W 8' (2) MDB11 3/8" x 50' SC2-38
HP-100 15,000 - 45,000 75W 10' (2) MDB11
1/2" x 50' SC2-12

Routine maintenance rebuilds are easily accomplished using standard Hiblow diaphragm kits and magnet bars.

NOTE: We generally recommend the MD-5W and MD-7W flat self weighted diffusers for clean ponds (ornamental ponds with rubber liners) and the MDB11 (and larger) diffusers with raised bases for mud bottom and natural ponds.     We are hear to help with any questions and to help you design your pond aeration.   We are pond aeration experts. 

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