Pond Boss® Waterfall Pumps

Pond Boss

SKU: PW1250

Pond Boss® Waterfall Pumps are ETL Listed pumps ideal for use in waterfalls, 30% more efficient than the average waterfall pump. These fully submersible pumps feature anti-clog technology that allow debris to flow through without clogging. These pumps are epoxy encapsulated and oil free, allowing for full submersion and maximum durability with no harmful effects to the pump, fish or plants. Includes free pumpshield® pump barrier bag for extra protection.

  • Easy access to moving parts for easy maintenance
  • Oil free pumps are safe for fish and plants
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • 3 year limited warranty
SKU Max Waterfall Tubing
Max Flow Max Head Watts Amps Cord
PW1250 5' Height 1", 1.5" 1250gph 16.5' 70 1.0 16'
PW2300 10' Height 2300gph 21' 130 1.5
PW3750 12' Height 1.5", 2" 3600gph 21' 170 1.8
PW5000 15' Height 5000gph 23' 230 2.5

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