Pond Master AP-20 and AP-40 Air Pump and full Aeration Kits with PondMaster Diffusers

Blue Diamond

SKU: 04520 + 14575

We designed these kits to team up the air pumps with compatible diffusers.    These kits are mostly designed for ornamental ponds and come with relatively short tubing lengths.   Dana or Nate at 484-237-2080 will be happy to help you design an aeration system for your larger natural ponds and lakes.  

Note: All linear diaphragm air pumps are designed for relatively low pressure.  We recommend using medium bubble low pressure diffusers only.  

These Pond Master Air Pump Complete System Kits are set up for simple and quick installation. Each kit includes an air pump, along with the manifold (if required), weighted airline tubing and diffusers needed for pond aeration. 

Unlike our better kits, these kits do not all come with weighted airline tubing and the light PondMaster diffusers come with a "ballast bag" for you to put rocks into to weight down the diffuser.   They are not the same quality as our self-cleaning Matala diffusers.   This package is designed to have a high output professional style pump (Items 14520, thru 14580) with a low cost diffuser and tubing (items 14575 or 14580).  

Kit Pump Tubing Type Tubing Diffusers
AP-20KIT AP-20
20' Length 6" Stick Diffuser
AP-40 Poly 20' Lengths 6" Stick Diffuser
1/2" Weighted Airline 50'
7" Ring Diffuser
1/2" Weighted Airline 50' 7" Ring Diffuser

Pondmaster® AP-Series Air Pumps are a low cost option for pond aeration and lake aeration, increasing dissolved oxygen in ponds or aquariums, accelerating the breakdown of waste, promoting fish health and plant growth, and preventing ponds from icing over in winter. The oil-free motor is designed for optimum efficiency and savings. For outdoor applications, it is recommended that the unit be partially enclosed for weatherproofing (a roof but lots of ventilation).    All AP-Series pumps operate on standard 110V electricity and come with a 6' power cord. 


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