Aquascape® Pond Shark: All-in-One Combination Net, Rake and Scraper!


SKU: 74004

The Pond Shark combines the benefits of nets, rakes and scrapers into a single tool! This tool with a telescoping steel handle, making it great for cleaning the pond or lake. It's great for clearing away filamentous algae or string algae, by ripping through the algae with the Pond Shark's tines and gathering it into the net while we go.
  • Blade materials: Polypropylene & fiberglass
  • Shaft materials: Powder-coated carbon steel
  • Grip materials: Polypropylene
  • US Patent 8,006,474
Model Pond Shark Pond Shark Pro
SKU 501 501P
UPC Code 850486001288 850486001349
Blade Length 8"
Blade Width 12.75"
Handle Length Up to 5' Up to 8'
Shipping Weight 3lb 4lb

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