GC Tek PondKeeper Water Garden Filters

Grand Champion Technologies

SKU: PK1.25

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PondKeeper Water Garden Filters from Grand Champion Technologies (GC Tek) offer a low cost, high performance filter with the quality and dependability of their other filters. The true strength of the PondKeeper filter is the filter media, which is designed to protect sensitive beneficial bacteria during backwash while providing huge amounts of surface area for bacteria to grow and prosper.

"Fluff-N-Spin" Backwash
The PondKeeper filters utilize a unique backwashing jetting system that "fluffs" the media and spins the bed and each individual piece of media. This causes a dislodging of old biomass that might be clinging to each piece, while still maintaining a grip on the beneficial bacteria within the filter. With normal backwashing, there's no clogging or channeling! Use any low amperage koi pond pump for backwashing.

Additional Features
  • 6-position Multiport valve allows you to backwash, bypass to waste drain, bypass to recirculate, and rinse
  • Combines biological and mechanical filtration into one unit
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge lets you see whether filter needs backwashing
  • Sight glass so you can see when back-washing is done
  • 2" unions for easy, fast installation
  • Includes 2 HP Media Agitator and spring check valve
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on filter body
Model Max Pond Size Body Material Dimensions*
PondKeeper 1.25 1,500 gallons Thermoplastic 16.5" x 36"
PondKeeper 1.75 2,500 gallons Thermoplastic 19.5" x 37"
PondKeeper 2.5 5,000 gallons Thermoplastic 21.5" x 39"
PondKeeper 4.0 10,000 gallons Thermoplastic 24.5" x 42.5"
PondKeeper 6.0 17,000 gallons Fiberglass 30.5" x 47"
*Dimensions describe only the filter body. Media agitator sticks out from the side of the filter, so it will require a slightly wider area on one side.

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