GC Tek PondKeeper Water Garden Systems

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SKU: PK1500

Ships directly from the manufacturer, typically in 2-3 weeks. Ships freight, which extends shipping time and requires you to be present at delivery. Trucking company will call to schedule appointment.

The PLUS and Mashimizu systems from GC Tek present comprehensive filtration for the larger pond and for ponds that include a quantity of fish, especially koi.  However, those systems may be unnecessarily large -- or expensive -- for small water gardens that focus on plants with a minimal fish load. But many of our customers are still looking for professional, reliable and easy to use filtration even if they don't have a dedicated koi pond. They are tired of the "home-owner quality" equipment that is usaully all that is available to them.   Enter the PondKeeper systems! The entire system comes pre-plumbed on an all-weather pad with plumbing already installed and the media in the tank, ready to go! Fittings are 2" union connections and the pump and UV come with 10' power cords.

PondKeeper Filter
The PondKeeper filter is a low cost, high performance filter that contains an innovative filter media that both protects beneficial bacteria and provides surface area for them to thrive.   It also features a "Fluff-N-Spin" backwash cycle that dislodges debris for effective cleaning. The filter body is made of thermoplastic.

Zapp Pure Ultraviolet Clarifier
These high intensity 40 Watt UV clarifiers are included in all three PondKeeper Systems.   

1-Horsepower Media Agitator
And now all PondKeeper Systems come with a 1 hp media agitator integrated into the setup for easy complete backwashes that use less water!

All weather pad
All three systems come on a 36 x 48 all weather pad with the plumbing already done for you.   Winterizing is easy.  

Model Max
Pond Size
Pump Size Filter Size UV Size
PondKeeper1500 1500 gallons 1/2 HP WunderMax
PondKeeper 1.25 40W
PondKeeper2500 2500 gallons 1/2 HP WunderMax PondKeeper 1.75 40W
PondKeeper5000 5000 gallons 3/4 HP WunderMax PondKeeper 2.50 80W

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