Pondmaster® Clearguard™ Lid O-Ring Replacement Part


SKU: 15680

Note: This replacement part is special order and may take extra time to ship.

These replacement Lid Gasket O-Rings for the PondMaster ClearGuard Filters are original OEM equipment. Note that it is best to store these O-rings in position on the lid when filter is not in use to prevent damage and shrinkage. Also, it is advised to apply Dielectric Grease or Vaseline to the O-Ring annually to extend its useful life.

Description Compatible with
Lid Gasket (O-Ring) Clearguard™ 2700 (#05610)
Clearguard™ 5500 (#05620)
Clearguard™ 8000 (#05630)
15685 Clearguard™ 16000 (#05640)

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