Pondmaster® Clearguard™ Backwash Air Kits


SKU: 15660

The Pondmaster® Clearguard™ Backwash Air Kit lets you achieve the ultimate backwashing performance for your pond. Simply connect to the bottom of your Clearguard™ Pressurized Pond Filter and it will quickly loosen stubborn pond waste in the filter by agitating the biological media. These kits include a Pondmaster® Air Pump, water valve, 5/8" I.D. vinyl tubing, clamps and appropriate fittings.

Description Compatible Filter Air
15660 Small Backwash
Air Kit
Clearguard 2700 (#05610 / 05615)
Clearguard 5500 (#05620 / 05625)
15670 Large Backwash
Air Kit
Clearguard 8000 (#05630 / 05635)
Clearguard 16000 (#05640 / 05645)
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