Pondmaster® CPF Series Pressurized Filters


SKU: 05440

Pondmaster® CPF Series Pressurized Filters are small, low maintenance pressure filters designed to establish a healthy environment for fish and aquatic plants. Combines mechanical filtration, biological filtration and an ultraviolet clarifier (some models). This integrated system can be conveniently located in or near a pond or patio container. The integrated UV clarifier (select models) help clear ponds of green water algae.
  • Reusable filter media promotes beneficial bacteria growth and a healthy pond
  • Heavy duty ABS plastic body can be buried for inconspicuous operation
Model Capacity Maximum
Pump Size
05440* CPF 2000 2000 Gallons 1800gph 1" 11.5" Dia x 21"H
*Includes universal barb inlet/outlet fittings
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