Pondmaster® Skimmer, Koi, and All-Purpose Pond Nets


SKU: 02134

Pondmaster® Pond Nets fit all your water gardening needs, large or small! They are available in convenient, small sizes or large telescoping sizes that reach more than 6'. Pondmaster® Pond Nets are versatile and can be used for general purposes, surface skimming and Koi handling.
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction
  • Soft, fish-safe nylon netting
  • Sure-grip handle
  • Telescoping handles extend up to 6.5'
  • Convenient string loop at the end of handle
  • Heavily padded rims protect fish and nets from damage
SKU Description Dimensions
Telescoping Skimmer Net
Telescoping All-Purpose Net
Telescoping Koi Net
02144 Compact Skimmer Net 48" x 10" x 1"
02145 Compact All-Purpose Net 48" x 12" x 1"
02146 Compact Koi Net 48" x 12" x 1"

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