Pondmaster® Pond Kits


SKU: 02019

Pondmaster® Pond Kits include pond filter, water pump and fountain head into an all-in-one combo package for the DIY pond owner. These kits are a great, practical way to start the excitement of water gardening as they match pumps with filters and including fountain heads with tubing and fittings where necessary. Can be used with rigid or flexible liners.

All Pond Kits include a deluxe filter system that encompasses mechanical and biological filtration, while the PMK 1250 and larger kits (which use the PM1000 filter) also include chemical filtration. PMK 1250 and larger kits also include tubing and fittings.

Name Maximum
Pond Size
Pump Filter Fountain
02019 PMK 190 Small Ponds;
190gph Deluxe Filter -
Mechanical, Biological
02212 PMK 1250 600 Gallon 250gph PM1000 - Mechanical,
Biological, Chemical Filter
02213 PMK 1350 800 Gallon 350gph
02215 PMK 1500 1000 Gallon 500gph
02217 PMK 1700 1250 Gallon 700gph

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