ProLine™ Pump Vaults


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Proline™ Pump Vaults are sturdy housings for self-contained waterfalls and streams. These pump canyons accommodate submersible pumps up to 10,000gph and are specially designed to withstand clogs and heavy stones. Create your own dramatic, natural-looking water feature that offers all the beauty and sounds of a waterfall in a fraction of the space. A self-contained waterfall or stream is easy to install and even easier to maintain. Best of all, it is pet and child safe. ProLine™ Pump Vaults are the basis for creating a long-lasting, trouble-free installation.
  • Protects submerged pump intake from getting clogged with gravel and debris
  • Built of rugged, weather-resistant polyethylene plastic
  • Horizontal hooded intake slots resist clogging and sedimentation from top to bottom
  • Reinforced lid withstands the weight of gravel and stones
  • Works great for freestanding fountains, endless streams and waterfalls
  • Buttressed to withstand back-filling without warping or collapsing
  • Pre-bored for 1.5" and 2" pipe with bulkheads for auto fill valve
Model Max Pump
Flow Rate
Dimensions Wt Auto
02465 PRO2000 Mini Pump Vault 4000gph 15" x 15" x 15" 12lb No
02460 PRO4800 Pump Vault 10,000gph 23" x 23" x 25" 16lb Yes

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