Oase Pondovac 5 Pond Vacuum


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The Oase PondoVac 5 is the brand-new, even more powerful multi-function pond vacuum from Oase. Effortlessly remove debris and silt from ponds, pools or any wet floors of any type! The Pondovac 5 uses a dedicated wastewater pump to drain the water while the vacuum is still filling up -- for continuous suction without interruption! Also includes an extensive nozzle package. 

Continuous, Powerful Suction
The PondoVac 5 features a dedicated drainage pump that runs simultaneously with the suction pump, allowing for continuous suction and non-stop vacuuming! With a total power consumption of 1800 Watts, the Pondovac 5 uses no more power than the Pondovac 4, while boosting its suction depth up to 7.5', making it the most effective Pondovac to date.

Suite of Brand New Features
The PondoVac 5 boasts numerous improvements over the Pondovac 4. Large 6" wheels with whisper tires ensure stable movement through rough terrain, as well as noise reduction in operation. Regulator on the handle allows you to adjust the suction power based on water depths. Robust aluminum suction tubes, along with a transparent suction tube, permit precise and convenient vacuuming. The outlet hose now features a plastic quick connect fitting for a reliable, watertight seal and easy removal for storage.

What's Included?
The PondoVac 5 comes standard with all the essentials and a multitude of nozzle attachements. It comes complete with:

  • 5 nozzles: Adjustable floor, string algae, wide area, crevice, and wet suction
  • 4 robust aluminum suction tubes and 1 transparent suction tube
  • 16' suction hose and 32.8' discharge hose with quick connect fitting
  • Debris collection pre-filter bag (for disposal or garden fertilization)
  • Up To 2,100 GPH Flowrate
Part Number 48080
UPC Code 706759480802
Description Oase Pondovac 5

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