Pondtabbs® Jr. 10-14-8 Aquatic Fertilizer Tablets by Plantabbs Products

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Pondtabbs® Jr. 10-14-8 miniature water soluble tablets combine controlled nitrogen release with rapid nutrient availability to provide optimum feeding for marginal and other small aquatic plants that require less fertilizer. When used as directed, this product will not affect algae growth or have any negative effect on fish.

Pondtabbs® Jr. tablets are 20% of the size of Pondtabbs® tablets. Feed your plants monthly during the growing season at a rate of one tablet per 3 cups of soil. When water temperatures rise above 72 degrees, increase to feeding every two weeks. Insert the Pondtabbs® deep into the soil 3" from the crown of the plant. When using multiple tablets, space uniformly around the plant. Nutrients will release within five minutes.

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174 041707017403 250 Count
172 041707017205 2000 Count

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