ProEco Acrylic Weirs

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SKU: WA-12

ProEco Acrylic Weirs are made of durable acrylic, with increased internal support for the weir lip. They are created to create a beautiful sheer waterfall which works best within the flow rates and heights listed with each falls. Weirs comes with a 2 Year Warranty. LED lights can easily be added, and three different color options are available. Requires tubing, not included.

Model Description
Flow Rate
Qty of
Width b/w
WA-12 12" Acrylic Spillway 1000gph 1 1.5" FPT N/A
WA-12 24" Acrylic Spillway 2000gph
WA-12 36" Acrylic Spillway 3000gph
WA-12 48" Acrylic Spillway 4000gph 2 15.5"
WA-12 60" Acrylic Spillway 5000gph 19.5"

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