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SKU: FP-1750 - EZ-2000 - KFHAA114C25 - (2) HSS20

If you are tired of pond products that deliver poor results but are looking to stay with a budget, these kits are for you! We have put together the FP Series Caged Filter Pump, which can survive the tough environment at the bottom of your pond, and the EZ Press Series Pressure Filter, which features a built-in ultraviolet clarifier and an "Easy Clean" feature. You can clean the filter without ever getting in your pond or even opening the filter! We've also included the tubing and clamps needed to hook up this kit.
  • Beautiful, clear water with very low maintenance!
  • No worrying about compatibility as pump and filters are already paired
  • All kits include 25' of 32.2MM (~1.25") flexible tubing and hose clamps
For certain packages below, ProEco gives a Clear Water Guarantee, which states that you will be able to see the tip of a tape measure at a depth of two feet if you select the proper kit size and perform the recommended maintenance.

Pond Size Pump Filter UVC Compatible
Kit #1 800 Gallons FP-1750 EZ-2000 18W 8" - 10"
Kit #2* 1000 Gallons FP-2300 EZ-2000 18W 12" - 15"
Kit #3* 1500 Gallons FP-3200 EZ-3000 18W 15" - 20"
Kit #4* 2000 Gallons (Below 10' Head) FP-3200 EZ-4000 36W 15" - 20"
Kit #5 2000 Gallons (Above 10' Head) FP-4750 EZ-4000 36W 15" - 20"
*Backed by the ProEco Clear Water Guarantee
**Waterfall not included. This is the size of waterfall each package can support

Pump head can be estimated by combining the following 3 figures:
  1. Vertical distance, in feet, from pond surface to the highest point where water is pumped
  2. Total feet of tubing, divided by 10
  3. Total number of elbows or other water restrictions in your tubing or pond

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