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SKU: N110-36

ProEco produces a wide array of fountain nozzles. Spray Rings are a classic fountain effect and have been used for hundreds of years to give a uniform, beautiful appearance to any water feature. The PVC N110 Spray Rings are available with 36", 48", 60", 72", 84" and 96" spray diameter. The four smaller sizes (36"-72") include manifold, ball valve, hose and clamps. The spray rings are protected by a 1 Year Warranty (excludes finish).

The individual spray nozzles are adjustable and can be pointed out, straight up or in with a total range of motion of about 45 degrees.  

Each spray ring is made of 2" diameter pipe and has several removable legs, which can be ordered up to a maximum height of 18". These PVC legs can be cut on site for fine-tuning.   The legs are smaller diameter pipe.   

Contact us to inquire about special orders:

  • Different materials (Stainless steel, copper)
  • Adding a center nozzle
Ring Size 36" 48" 60" 72" 84" 96"
Qty of Nozzles 30 42 47 50 58 67
Inlets (2 Each) 1.5" Barb 1.5"
Qty of Legs
3 4
SP-1400 SP-1800 SP-2200 SP-3700 SP-5300
Display Height
(With Above Pump)
5' 4' 5' 6' 7' 10'

These fountains are built to order with a two to three week lead time plus time in transit. 

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