ProEco Fountain Nozzle Bases

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SKU: N122-050

The sturdy ProEco PVC Nozzle Base is designed to allow the nozzle to be mounted in shallow water (8" in depth), complete with brass fittings. It comes with a brass ball valves which gives fine control of fountain volume. It also comes with adjustable legs for easy leveling. The base can also be used with optional risers (adjustable extension pipes sold separately) to be useful in deeper water. The base can also have lights mounted directly to it (Pictured lights are not included but are there to represent options and possibilities).

Model N122-050 N122-075 N122-100 N122-150 N122-200
1/2" MPT 3/4" MPT 1" MPT 1-1/2" MPT 2" MPT
Outlet 1/2" FPT 3/4" FPT 1" FPT 1-1/2" FPT 2" FPT
3" 4" 5" 6" 7"

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