ProEco 12V LED Lighting Accessories: Photocells, Splitters and Extension Cords

ProEco Products


These accessories can be used with a large range of ProEco LED Lights and other brands that work with the standard 2-pin connection system used by these and many other lighting brands.  See below for links to compatible ProEco LED Lighting.

  • Photocell and Timer includes an optical photocell and 3' cable with plug connector. It allows flexibility to choose a shut-off at 4, 6 or 8 hours after dark.
  • Splitters splits power from 1 source to multiple outputs and comes with a male to male adapter and a 2 Year Warranty.
  • Extension Cords extend the reach of your LED lights
Works with:
  • ProEco Pal-3 and Pal-6 powder coated LED lights.
  • ProEco Hose Tail LED lights
  • ProEco QL-34 white or Color Changing LED extra large pond bottom lights
  • ProEco QL-07 LED small white or color changing pond bottom lights
  • ProEco CQD-120 white light in single light or three light complete sets
  • ProEco WLED weir lights in white or blue
  • ProEco WLED color changing weir lights (USE BEFORE CONTROL BOX)
  • Alpine Luminosity LED pond lights
  • Alpine Pond Light
  • Alpine Warm White LED lighting
  • Anjon Rock Lights
  • Anjon Brass Lighting
  • Atlantic Water Gardens LED lights
  • Atlantic SOL light
  • Aquascape Puck Light
  • Aquascape Pond Light
  • And most other two-pin quick connect lighting systems 

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