ProEco 12V Lighting Accessories for RGB Color Changing LED Weir Light Strips

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These 12V lighting accessories are for use with ProEco RGB Color-Changing LED Light Strips.

5-Way Splitter (WLED-RGB-S)
If you are looking to synchronize or just connect ProEco Color-Changing LED Light Strips after the controller, this 4-pin, 5-way splitter connects up to five lights together after the control box. This allows you to synchronize multiple light strips from one controller.

Extension Cord (WLED-RGB-C-3)
If you need to extend one or more of those light cords, this 3-meter 4-pin extension cord is what you need. 

These replacement grommets are used to seal the end of the cord on a ProEco weir. Small grommets seal around a cord on an acrylic weir, while large grommets seal around a cord on a stainless steel weir.

Before the controller, standard LED splitters, extension cords and photocells may be used.

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