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Illumination is a very important part of nearly every water feature. Proper lighting can completely change the appearance and enjoyment of a water feature. ProEco's innovative LED lighting products make designing and installing a beautiful and impressive lighting system simple and easy, and LED lighting can provide energy efficiency and low maintenance for many years to come.

The Pond and Landscape Light can be used both in and out of the water, and with its three included lenses (15°, 35°, and 60°) beam spread can be easily changed. It casts a warm white light (3000 on Kelvin Color Temperature Scale). It has 12V AC power, and utilizes a 2-pin connection system which can be used with appropriate transformers, splitters, and/or photocells. Though a transformer is not included, it may be connected to any 12V transformer with 2-pin system, ensuring of course that the wattage of the transformer exceeds the total wattage of all connected lights.

  • Does not include transformer
  • Includes stake and shroud
  • 5 year warranty
 Model PAL-3 PAL-6
3 Watts
6 Watts
Lenses Included
15°, 35°, 60°
Annodized Black
Cable Length

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