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ProEco Stainless Steel Weirs are made of high grade stainless steel. They are created to create a beautiful sheer waterfall which works best within the flow rates and heights listed with each falls. Stainless steel weirs comes with a 2 Year Warranty. LED lights can easily be added, and three different color options are available.

Contents: one-piece stainless steel weir, two large rubber grommets (one grommet with hole for the cord and one solid grommet)

Not recommended for use with chlorinated water (like swimming pools). For applications with chlorinated water, use a ProEco Acrylic Weir.

NOTE:  Due to the interior design, there should be no pressure inside the weir and pressure in the entire system should not exceed 3 PSI.  

 Model Width Minimum Flow Qty of Inlets Inlet Size Width b/w Inlets
WSS-12 12" 1000gph 1 1" FNPT N/A
WSS-24 24" 2000gph 1 1" FNPT N/A
WSS-36 36" 3000gph 2 1" FNPT 11.75"
WSS-48 48" 4000gph 3 1" FNPT 12"
WSS-60 60" 5000gph 3 1" FNPT 15"

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