EasyPro Pro-Series Mini Pond Kits



EasyPro Pro-Series Mini Kits provide everything needed for your pond! Please note that any pond kits are designed for ponds of specific shape and size. If you have a specific pond project in mind, contact us and we can design and quote you a system!

All Pro-Series Mini Kits Include:

  • 45 mil Firestone liner and liner underlayment (see below)
  • Pro-Series Mini Skimmer with filter brushes (PSMFB)
  • Pro-Series Mini AquaFalls Filter (AT) with molded rock lip 
  • EasyPro submersible pump (see below)
  • 1.25" Check valve assembly
  • 1.25" x 25' Flex PVC pipe
  • Silicone sealer and PVC glue
SKU Pond Size Liner Size Pond Size Pump Wt
ET66FB 6' x 6' 10' x 10' 400 gallons TLS1850 96lb
ET610FB 6' x 10' 10' x 14' 675 gallons TLS2750 105lb
ET811FB 8' x 11' 12' x 15' 1000 gallons 116lb

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