Renew Advanced Beneficial Bacteria Treatment to Revive your Pond

QB Labs


Advanced beneficial bacteria to remove debris, nutrients, odors!

Unleashing natural beneficial bacteria strains brings natural clarity to the pond — and it doesn't involve harmful chemicals that have too often been used in the past.

When you make use of Renew Advanced Beneficial Bacteria, these natural live microorganisms directly break down the sources of odors and murkiness.

  • Eliminates excess nutrients and debris
  • Clears murky water
  • Significantly reduces noxious odors
  • Works great for fountains, golf course ponds, water gardens, recreational lakes, farm ponds, retention ponds, and more!
  • Manufactured right here in the USA!

Usage Instructions: Apply every 2 weeks using dosage given below. To give an example of ornamental pond treatment, a small pond of 2000 gallons would take 1/2 packet every two weeks. To give an example of lake treatment, a 1/4 acre lake would take 1.5lb at its first treatment and 3/4lb every two weeks after that.

For Ornamental Ponds Regular Maintenance
Ponds up to 10,000 Gallons 1 packets every 5,000 gallons
Ponds over 10,000 Gallons 1 packet every 10,000 gallons

For Lakes and Ponds Initial Treatment Continuing Maintenance
Up to 1/2 Acre 6lb per acre 3lb per acre
Over 1/2 Acre 5lb per acre 2.5lb per acre

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