Replacement Impellers, Capacitors, Seals, Cords & Screws for Anjon Big Frog BFP Pumps

Anjon Manufacturing

SKU: BFP Impeller

Below are several available replacement parts for the Anjon Big Frog BFP Pump Series:

- BFP Replacement Cord fits all models

- BFP Top Seal (gasket for plastic housing top) fits all models

- BFP Bottom Seal (gasket for pump screen) fits all models 

-BFP Impeller fits all models 

-BFP Impeller screw fits all models 

-BFP Capacitor - choose the one for your pump model 

Tip: This manufacturer recommends mineral oil to refill the top section of the pump if some of the mineral oil has leaked out.   If motor oil is mixed with the mineral oil inside the pump, the main bearings/seals have gone bad.  Since these parts (motor bearings and motor seals) are not replaceable parts, the pump is unfixable in this case.

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