Replacement Parts for NEW STYLE Matala BioSteps II Filters


SKU: BS201015

The Matala BioSteps 10 Gravity Discharge Filter is a high-quality external pond filter. But like any pond filter, it needs to be maintained to remain effective. These replacement parts make your filter work like new again! Choose from a replacement lid, filter tank, baffle, green Matala pad, blue Matala pad, gray Matala pad, support bar, and fittings.

SKU Description
BS201015 Green Matala Mat for BioSteps II
BS201016 Blue Matala Mat for BioSteps II
BS201017 Gray Matala Mat for BioSteps II
BS201014 BioSteps Support Bar Steel Bracket
BSAB201003 BioSteps II Inlet Fitting
Includes: 1.5" O-Ring x 2, Clear Multi-Step Barb, and Nut
ASYBS002 BioSteps II Drain Fitting
Includes: 1" O-Ring, 1.5" O-ring, Multi-Step Barb Fitting, Nut, and Plug
ASYBS003 BioSteps II Outlet Fitting
Includes: 1" O-Ring x 2, Outlet Fitting, Nut
BSQF201001 BioSteps II Complete Fitting Bag
Includes: Everything in BSAB201003, ASYBS002, ASYBS003
(The complete parts bag that comes with BioSteps II filters)
BS201022 Magic Adapter for BioSteps
(Optional BSTP 16w EZClear UV and Drain Valve Connection)
ASYBS004 Nut & O-ring for EUV-16W connect to BioSteps
BS201002 Replacement Lid for BioSteps
BS201001 Tank - fits both BioSteps 10 and BioSteps II

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