AquaDyne Heavy Duty RHINO Retro Bottom Drains



AquaDyne Retrofit Bottom Drains offer a quality innovation for a stable and rugged over-the-liner bottom drain for those who do not want to install a drain through a liner -- or for pre-made ponds that do not have a bottom drain. This drain is especially useful for pond and aquatic environments that have preexisting liner, concrete, or any other situation that would not allow underground plumbing to be installed. Keeping solid waste and debris out of your pond is a very important step toward keeping your fish healthy and preserving your own personal sanity with regard to maintaining a cleaner pond. The bottom of the unit will sit 3/4" from the top of the Liner.

Installation Instructions
Simply fill the ballast area of the drain with small stone, sand, or other heavy inert material. Then attach a suction hose or rigid plumbing to the side port of the drain and attach to the pump suction line. Place the drain in the center or the deepest part of the pond so that the pump can easily suck up suspended solids and debris from the bottom of the pond. During the winter months, the drain can be easily moved to a more shallow part of the pond leaving the warmer water in the lower parts of the pond undisturbed where the fish collect in colder temperatures.

Why do I Need a Bottom Drain?
Often too late, pond owners discover that their ponds begin to fill with leaves, dirt, and debris that require the ponds to be emptied, cleaned, and refilled multiple times per year. On top of that, it requires removing the fish from their home, plus upsetting the ecology of the pond. A good bottom drain is the first step in keeping the bottom of your pond cleaner and your pond healthier.

What is the key difference in a Rhino Drain?
Rhino drains are not injection molded! Injection molding is typically used to mass produce products for the retail market. Other than mass production, injection molded products are typically designed to use minimal quantities of raw material to produce products in shape and form at the minimum amount of cost.

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