Savio Skimmerfilter™ Auto-Fill Kits water leveler Autofill


SKU: K1003L

The Savio Skimmerfilter™ Auto-Fill Kits are mechanical water levelers that fit inside the standard (full-size) Skimmerfilter™ to maintain optimal water level by using a regulated flow of water. The self-tapping valve connects to copper, plastic or iron water supply lines up to 1" in diameter. Includes 25' of 1/4" plastic water line.

Where to Install
The Auto-Fill Kit fits easily into one of the two UV chambers in the Skimmerfilter™. As such, it cannot be used in a setup where both sides already house a UV light. A typical setup would include the Auto-Fill kit on one side and a UV light on the other. To determine whether the left-side or right-side model is needed, you would stand behind the skimmer (looking out over the pond).

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