Savio Discharge Kits for Skimmerfilter™ and Water Master™ Pumps


SKU: K3011

These Savio Discharge Kits are designed for use with Savio Standard or Compact Skimmerfilter™ and Water Master™ Solids or Clear Pumps. Kits are set at proper height to exit the Savio Skimmerfilters™.

Fits Skimmerfilter™ Fits Water Master™ Pump
K3011 Standard Skimmerfilter™ Water Master™ Clear Pumps
K3013 Standard Skimmerfilter™ Water Master™ Solids 1450-3600
K3014 Compact Skimmerfilter™ Water Master™ Solids 1450-3600
K3016 Standard Skimmerfilter™ Water Master™ Solids 5000-6500
K3018 Compact Skimmerfilter™ Water Master™ Clear Pumps

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