Savio HighFlow Full-Size Skimmer HFS12500 (No Filter Mat or Filter Frame)


SKU: HFS12500

The Savio HighFlow Full-Size Skimmer fills some specific needs for ponds that with high water flowrates and low filtration needs. It boasts the same sturdy injection-molded housing and rigid leaf basket for removing large particles. It provides the same place to conceal pumps and plumbing.

It does not include a filter pad or filter pad support frame, which allows for higher water flow with fewer barriers between the pond and the pump! If your skimmer deals with large debris only, the debris basket can get the job done. or if you have a pump specifically designed for handling small particles, you may not need a filter pad for your pump. It can handle up to 12,500gph, much more than the 8,500gph that the normal Full-Size Skimmer can handle.

  • Includes debris basket and 16" faceplate
  • Does not include filter pad
  • Allows flowrate up to 12,500gph 

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