Savio LivingPonds® Pressure Filters with Springflo® Media and UV Clarifier


SKU: LP-1000

Savio Livingponds® Pressure Filters include patented Springflo® Bio Filter Media, great for cleaning algae and fish waste for a cleaner, clearer, healthier pond. Includes mechanical filtration, biological filtration and UV clarification!

  • Filter pads remove free-floating debris
  • Springflo® filter media cultivates beneficial bacteria
  • 9 Watt UV clarifier naturally prevents green water
  • Filter handle for easy back-washing to clean media
SKU Model
UV Max Pond Size Max Flow Rate
LP-1000 Living Ponds 1000 Pressure Filter
9W 1000 gallons 1000gph
LP-2000 Living Ponds 2000 Pressure Filter 13W 2000 gallons 2000gph
LP-3000 Living Ponds 3000 Pressure Filter 24W 3000 gallons 3000gph
LP-4000 Living Ponds 4000 Pressure Filter 36W 4000 gallons 4000gph

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