Savio Professional Black Waterfall Foam, Foam Gun Applicator and Foam Gun Cleaner


SKU: BF510 - BF500 x 2 - BF520

Savio Black Waterfall Foam simplifies water feature and waterfall creation. This expanding foam fills in cracks and voids to create a professional-looking waterfall, directing water flow over the rocks. It can also be used to help secure stone edging.
  • Professional-grade, high-carbon formula for UV resistance and long-term durability
  • Delivers 750 cubic inches of cured foam that will not harden or shrink
  • Ready to trim in 24 hours
  • Blends discreetly into liner and rock
SKU UPC Code Description
BF500 835217004738 Black Foam Cartridge 24oz
BF510 835217004745 Black Foam Gun Applicator, Steel
BF514 658848530779
Black Foam Gun Cleaner 6oz
BF520 658848530762
Black Foam Gun Cleaner 20oz


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