Savio 2 Rocking Piston Air Compressors


SKU: SO2400

Savio2 is Savio's newest large aeration system. Savio2 Aeration primarily helps break up thermocline that can develop over time in a static pond: air is forced through the rubber membrane and circulates the water to promote higher oxygen levels throughout the pond and helps prevent fish kills from pond turnover.

  • Promotes growth of beneficial bacteria that control algae, lower dissolved ammonia and nitrate levels, and reduce sludge buildup!
  • During summer months, creates a healthier environment and allows your fish to stay in deeper sections of your pond
  • During winter months, keeps a hole in the ice for natural pond gasses to escape

These air compressors are the primary piece of the aeration system, producing the compressed air that is delivered to the bottom of the pond. The air compressor is placed on the shore or near the pond, but with additional tubing it can be placed several hundred feet away from the pond.

SKU Description
Power Use
Flow Rate
SO2400 1/2 HP Air Compressor 390 Watts
3.5 cfm / 100 lpm
SO2750 1 HP Air Compressor 750 Watts 7.1 cfm / 200 lpm
SO21100 1 1/2 HP Air Compressor 1100 Watts 10.6 cfm / 300 lpm

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