Scott Aerator Dock Mount Deicer

Scott Aerator

SKU: SCZ10000

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The Dock Mount Deicer from Scott Aerator prevents winter ice build-up from damaging your boats, dock pilings and boathouses by keeping large swathes of water free from ice. The Scott Aerator Company has been making efficient, reliable and durable large-scale deicers for over 40 years. This Deicer is manufactured with high-density polyurethane and American-made stainless steel.

The Dock Mount Deicer includes a heavy-duty stainless steel dock plate, pipe and yoke assembly for suspension under the water's surface. It mounts quickly and easily to almost any type of dock, and can even be adjusted to accommodate different water levels. The Dock Mount Deicer prevents ice formation by bringing warmer water up from the bottom and dispersing it. This helps prevent dock pilings from damage caused by ice expansion and pressure damage.

  • Oil-free 1/2hp 115V motor is environmentally friendly and made to withstand all water temperatures
  • Durable 25' 12AWG submersible power cord with Hubbell marine-style plug
  • Runs at 3450rpm, producing 400gpm water flow
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater applications
  • Manufactured in the USA, with a 5-year motor warranty
GFCI required. Disconnect power when swimmers are present. 

Size 1/2hp (115V/60Hz Single Phase)
Watts 680
Amps 10.0
Flow Rate 400gpm
Weight 55lb
Power Cord 25'


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