Sequence® 750 Series External Pump Replacement Parts


SKU: 750.030

The following replacement parts fit the Sequence® Model 750 Series External Pumps line of pumps (3600SEQ12, 4200SEQ12).Like all pond pumps, these high quality pumps require maintenance from time to time. The parts below will help repair and rebuild your pump.

Part No.
Description Compatible Pumps
750.030 Bracket All Sequence® 750 Series Pumps
750.0414 Seal
750.04Z-CE Ceramic Seal Seat
(Inside Impeller)
750.058 Impeller 3600SEQ12
750.059 Impeller 4200SEQ12
750.061 O-Ring All Sequence® 750 Series Pumps
750.070 Volute
750.502 Hardware Kit
1000.111 Drain Plug with O-Ring
M0250M Replacement Motor

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