Sequence® 90ci Strainer Basket and Prefilter


SKU: 1000.771-1

Sequence® 90 Cubic Inch Strainer Baskets are great for those applications that demand a debris basket so that it will damage your external pump, or for retaining a small amount of water to prime the external pump. In short, Sequence strainer baskets work both as leaf baskets and priming pots.

Model 1000.771-1 1000.771-7
Discharge Outlet 1.5" 2"
Inlet 1.5" 2"
Dimensions 7" Diameter x 9" Wide (11" with Fittings)
Warranty 1 Year

Note that the baskets have a collar on one end that fits the inlet on external pumps. On the other end they have a SLIP connector to attach to piping.  

Additional Parts Available:
The 417-5170 fits the odd threads on the split black collar of the strainer basket and adapts it to a regular 2" MPT (Male Pipe Thread) which will fit certain pumps with FPT (Female Pipe Threads). The A40032.5 also fits the odd thread on the split black collar on the leaf basket and adapts to SLIP (glues to 2" Schedule 40 PVC).

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