Sequence® 90 ci Strainer Basket Replacement Parts


SKU: 1000.771-1.5

The following replacement parts fit Sequence® 90ci strainer baskets (1000.771-1, 1000.771-7). These strainer baskets are used in Sequence external pumps, and can function either as priming pots and leaf baskets.

Part No. Description
1000.771-1.5 2" Union Nut x 1.5" Slip with 1.5" MPT Glued Nipple
1000.771-2 2" Union Nut with 2" Slip Tailpiece
1000.771-B 6" Trap Strainer Basket with Handle
1000.771-G O-Ring Gasket 2" (Single)
1000.771-L 6" Trap Cover, Clear
1000.771-O 6" Trap Lid O-Ring
1000.771-P 6" Trap Body (Pot) with Drain Plug
415-5161 Union / Split Union and Screw Set
417-5140 2" Heater Union x 2" MPT Fitting
715-1201 Drain Plug
805-0112 Drain Plug O-Ring

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