Sequence® Alpha Primer Pump Replacement Parts


SKU: 1000.0411

The following replacement parts fit the Sequence® Alpha Primer External Pumps (6800PRM19, 7800PRM24).

Note: 7200PRM23 is the former model number for 7800PRM24 pumps and the parts are interchangeable.

Part No.
Description Compatible Pumps
1000.0411 Fresh Water Seal Alpha Primer Pumps
1000.0414 Salt Water Seal
310-3670 Impeller 6800PRM19
310-3680 Impeller 7800PRM24
715-1201 Drain Plug Alpha Primer Pumps
805-0112 O-Ring for Drain Plug
9000.030 Bracket
9000.050 Impeller Screw
9000.061 Large O-Ring
9000.070 Volute/Casing
9000.070-2 Intake Union & Discharge Union Adapters (set of 2)
9000.120 Diffuser
9000.121 Diffuser O-Ring
9000.122 Diffuser Screws, 2pc
9000.751 Base
9000.777 Lid O-Ring
9000.778 Strainer Basket
9000.779 Lid
M1360 Replacement Motor

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